fhqwhgads (serendipity1827) wrote,

a few points.

i got a piano!
a 76-key keyboard, to be precise.
it's a yamaha that can teach me to play music.
it excites me so.
although, i got it a week ago and i still haven't been able to play [with it] yet.

we're SOOOO close to getting this house on sunset!
i just hope there's no more bumps in that road.
mom's gotta work out a lease and settle legal stuff with twinbrook,
but...if all goes as planned, we should be moving in by december first! =D

i've been going to loser slam regularly again (well, the past three, i've gone.)
and i plan on becoming a regular on the mic.
and i hope on working a LOT more on my writing.
i went to a writing workshop this past weekend.
with some poets that have been to nationals and all
(and are really greattttt people. <3 jai!)
and they really liked my poetry.
i just have to stop thinking it's bad...even when i'm writing it.

more soon. cleaning and then carl time! =D
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