fhqwhgads (serendipity1827) wrote,

a practice.

to do for the rest of the night:
  • transcribe story for jon!!! (it's due tonight)
  • write one bloggy thing.
  • pack a bunch of miscellaneous crap in my room
  • pack up laundry to do tomorrow
  • sweep the floor
  • stretch and possibly meditate
  • eat some dinner, damn it.
stuff for tomorrow:
  • call vikki
  • write one bloggy thing
  • work on one poem
  • start off danger's diary
  • pack more books to stasia
  • practice some freaking guitar
  • clean around the house (sweep, dishes, fridge...)
  • go running
  • fix my wrist :(
  • search for apartments for us to move into
i like putting a to do list at the beginning of my entries.
it makes me feel a little bit better and even though some things move from day to day, at least it's out there.
that's the good thing about lists, they get the idea out of you so it's no longer weighing on your head.
(unless, the list itself is weighing on your head. in that case...stop doing that! >.<)

i'm becoming a writing machine!!!
i wrote two new little seeds for poems and i have another story idea.
i'm so excited to work on all of this!

i responded to the facebook stuff.
i'm back to watching my notifications pile up every time i go on there.
it's a pretty interesting/funny/good feeling.
it gives me a sense of power and control.
makes me feel way less addicted and more focused (which are both things i'm working on)

cool things from today:
i'm $125 richer. (bye bye, juanita!)
i'm going to be $629 in the hole....for the sake of paying off the courts. (wooo, i'm not longer a "criminal"!)
matt slept over last night. :)
generally feeling better! yayyyyyy!

things that kinda suck:
i slept for like...an hour instead of taking a power nap. so,...peace out, circadian rhythms.
i spent more time on the computer than i would've liked.
i've eaten really poorly today.

there's still a lot to do, but i'm so glad i'm starting to feel like i'm moving forward again. -big sigh-


fuckin a, i'm tired. calling it an early night. jon and i were using dropbox and the conversation recording that we had isn't there. i'm hoping i was smart and moved it, but i don't think i did. i'm a little nervous about it, because it was a 2 hour conversation and i really just want to copy it so we can work on it.

maybe i won't go to bed, i'm just feeling rather disappointed. i was looking forward to transcribing it.
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