fhqwhgads (serendipity1827) wrote,

abuse: the nutshell again.

stuff i did:
  • called the art alliance
  • fuck disney
  • all of that unemployment stuff
still have to:
  • call career center
  • call vikki! (to wish her a happy belated birthday)
  • apply to two jobs (er, two MORE jobs..)
  • get brookdale letter to unemployment (er, i should've dropped that off yesterday..
  • practice guitar for like...20 minutes. at least
  • search for apartments in asbury for us to move into

we got a (new) title for my car and it's going bye bye tomorrow afternoon.
and i'm getting $125 for it.
bank applied for direct deposit of my checks so i don't have to worry anymore! :)

we're paying off my tickets and bail tomorrow after my mom gets out of court. it feels a lot like i'm just getting rid of money, but it means that i can walk around without putting myself at risk now. it also means i'm a step closer to getting my license back. which means i'm a step closer to getting a car. which means i'm a step closer to freedom.
thank god.

i still want to go running. i can feel my body craving it (i'm probably going to go after i pack some stuff up in my room after this.)
i'm starting to really feel a lot more inspired to write and have a lot of those things coming out. so far i really like the things that i've been jotting out and it makes me feel really good.

i suppose it isn't good that i skipped out on a job opportunity with snelling, but i suppose i should give them a call tomorrow. i don't know, the lady i spoke to was going to try and have me take an assignment out in freehold which isn't something i can reasonably do in my situation (the whole no car thing...) and she sounded really harsh about anything else.

mom and i had a long talk about me being depressed last night. definitely didn't make me feel better at all. about anything. in fact, made me feel worse. but we discussed treatment and stuff. lately i've just felt like no matter what i hear from people, someone is bullshitting me. i just can't really feel like people are honest a lot of the time and i think it's got something to do with that.
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