fhqwhgads (serendipity1827) wrote,

a list.

this is blatant abuse of my journal and i really don't give a fuck. i have two back entries i never finished writing for the sake of writing them.


things to do tomorrow:
  • drop off my unemployment claims form
  • get to the re-employment orientation (in the same building, so that should be easy.)
  • cash my checks from unemployment :)
  • ^^^all that stuff is happening around 2-3:30ish
  • practice guitar for like...20 minutes. at least.
  • call the art alliance (about modeling)
  • call snelling (set up an appointment)
  • call career center (set up an appoint---wait, i'm seeing a pattern here...)
  • call vikki! (to wish her a happy belated birthday)
  • search for my car's title!
  • apply to two jobs
  • pay off neptune! YAY!
  • pay a little to ocean! WOOHOO!
  • search for apartments in asbury for us to move into
  • talk to mom and anna about EMT cert classes
  • get brookdale letter to unemployment
  • finish disney application
stuff i want done this week
  • transcribe story for jon (by friday!)
  • write : bloggy things (4? whatever.), finish poems, start new idea poems, danger's diary, letters to people
  • finish packing shelves and start on desk
  • send out more books to stasia
  • respond to facebook stuff
  • finish packing out kitchen from living room
  • go running
  • fix my wrist :(
  • change nose ring to stud.
  • find at least two prospective apartments to look at
stuff i want to get done
  • write more.... letters, stories, poems, danger
  • practice guitar more often
  • start a meditation practice (energy stuff toooooo)
  • going to sleep before 3am? MAYBE?! =/
  • a running practice would be nice.

basics: food, water, exercise, hugs.

kombucha, massages and milanos tomorrow. :)
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